The Corona (COVID 19) situation, started in the spring of 2020, is a major event that makes you feel how much harm the surrounding environment or fundamental human nature can cause to humanity. We resolutely stood up to find out the cause of this global crisis and come-up with a solution.
This is not the era of swords and spears, but new technologies such as bioscience, chemistry and environmental problems are more threatening to mankind and a profound impact on human life. O-Chang Trading, which specializes in Scientific analysis equipment, will put all of the endeavor into researching equipment and technologies on the problem, but also, we introduces new solutions and equipment from other countries.
Through this, if our neighborhood, countries, and mother earth planet become a good place for all living creatures, it will be soon our great joy.

About us

O-Chang Trading’s main items are Aerosol & Filter testing equipment, Animal test chambers, Analysis equipment, and Electric furnaces/ovens.
O-Chang Trading is supplying scientific instruments based more than 20 years of equipment supplying and the maintenance experience, and it’s main business is to develop solutions that can provide optimal equipment recommendations and services for application fields, and new Scientific solutions.

Recently, due to the yellow sand, global warming, and corona(COVID 19), needs for the Bio-chemical and environmental analysis equipment / solution has been increased a lot. In response to this, O-Chang Trading (五昌交易) is supplying several ideas, solutions and systems.
Ex) inhalation toxicity chambers, Eco-friendly Furnaces & Ovens, Chambers as well as Scientific Analysis Equipment, etc.